Monday, April 23

Spring in Cali

Nothin' quite like the beach in spring.  Here's Evan almost 9 months old now in Malibu...crawling all over, just about ready to walk, talks up a storm with "mama, dada, and gaga", loves "adult" food over boring baby food :), loves to be outside, and loves to be around people. When I think of the word J-O-Y, I think of Evan! 

Friday, November 25

Catching up

I know it's been months since I've posted, so I thought I would put up some current photos of Evan and our family of 3. Our little boy is 4 months old now...don't know where the time goes...and is the happiest and most precious thing ever! I'm not kidding when I say happiest...he is always smiling, loves to laugh, loves to be around people and has quite a voice when he talks! He is such a joy to us and we love our "family life."

Thanksgiving day on a walk in Redlands with Alla who joined us for the holiday

He'll have to get used to this :)

Rolling over now!

Playing at the park with Daddy...who is such an intentional dad! I love how Jared is with Evan-he is so helpful and loves to take him Saturday mornings for 'mad dates.'

Such a big boy now!

Celebrating Kristina's birthday earlier this month

Sunday, September 11


All I can say is we love him a little more everyday! So glad to have this adorable little guy in our lives! Here's our photo shoot from this weekend. :)

Last weekend in San Diego


Friday, August 12

New Normal

Life has forever changed and we are enjoying our new normal. Evan is so much fun and such an entertainment for us! He is a happy baby, starting to sleep better at night, loves time with his daddy and seems to enjoy being outside. Jared and I are starting to get a rhythm down and it's fun when the 3 of us have time together.

2 weeks old

He likes the swing

Grandpa Glenn gave Evan this outfit since he's a Cali baby and will hopefully one day surf with his dad!

I love him!

Asleep on Auntie Alla's chest

He's had lots of time with Grandpa and Grammie Pike while they've been here. My mom can't get enough of him. :)

First big outing to the beach. We spent a couple hours at Crystal Cove the 3 of us and it was a success. This baby has to learn to be mobile early to join Jared and I on all our adventures!

Our family of 3